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Encounter with Nature

As I walk into the luscious grass my brother is chasing after me yelling “I finished, I finished, I finished” “With what?” I questioned. “Schoolwork.” “I finished an hour ago.” He ignored me. “Ok then let’s play.” As we played soccer I glanced at my mom. She was planting her tomatoes and peppers. My dad was busy laying soil, where the flowers are supposed to bloom.

Come on let’s go help out mom.” “Ok, but we have to continue our soccer game and then our tennis game and then our,” “Ok I know you have your long lists of games to play, but first let’s help mom.” We headed towards the area where mom was located. We put on our gardening gloves and began. As I shovel the dirt to put the seeds in my brother shouted “Help, help!” My mother and I rushed over to see what had happened. My brother was standing there holding the shovel as if he had seen a ghost. On the shovel was a worm. “The worm it was in the garden, it is probably going to eat the plants so I think we should not make a garden this year.” my brother exclaimed. “Don’t worry the worms help our soil become rich and healthy for the plants and they won’t eat them.” Mom explained.

After my brother understood that worms are safe, we went over to help our dad. He gave us the job to remove the weeds growing next to the flower bed. I pulled out half the weeds and was quite tired. When I finally finished up and my dad called me to witness something beautiful. On my brother’s hand was a pretty ladybug. He looked frightened to be holding it. After a few minutes, the ladybug flew away my brother asked me is it poisonous. "No of course not!" I replied, “Isn’t nature beautiful?” “I guess it is.”

We were just going back to play soccer when we saw the ladybug was on the soccer ball. This ladybug seemed to look different. “Ah get it off, get it off, get it off!” he screamed. “I thought you understood that ladybugs were harmless.” “No, it's not that, you told ladybugs were harmless to me, but they could be harmful to my soccer ball.” As my brother was screaming, the ladybug just stood there like nothing was happening. “What is the ladybug going to do to your soccer ball?” “It's going to de-inflate it with its tiny sharp legs.” My mom and dad came over to see what’s the big problem. “What happened?” they asked. “He’s screaming because he thinks the ladybug is going to de-inflate the ball!” Then my mom and dad explained to my brother that ladybugs are harmless to his soccer ball. After a few minutes, the ladybug flew away. This time the ladybug flew and landed on the cherry blossoms. My brother and I went to it and observed it for a while. Then we got back to our games. Fortunately, now my brother is not scared of ladybugs. But his wide imagination continues to stick around.

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