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How to Be a Good Friend? Tips to Be a Good Friend

We all have friends. They are there to share your ups and downs, wishing you the best, and many more. But how to be a good friend? We all have millions and hundreds of friends at school, through social media, neighbors, and a long list that goes on, but how can you be a sincere and genuine friend. It is time we find out. Are you ready for our space adventure to the Friendly Moon? The countdown begins 5…4…3…2…1 blast off!

Awesome Tips on How to Be a Good Friend

1. Always accept your friends as they are

A true friend will not find imperfections with his buddy. We all have our shortcomings and glitches. To be a true friend always, acknowledge your friend as she is. They may not always agree with you all the time, but do not force them to change their opinions or choices. A true friend invariably wants you to have your identity. So, be yourself and do not change.

2. A good friend always listens

A good friend listens to his buddy's feelings and shares his ups and downs. All you need is to give time to listen to your friend's pain and happiness. Honest friends never turn the spotlight to themselves. Give all your ears and support to find a way out for your friend's challenging times. There is saying, "The best gift you can give your friend will be your time."

3. Good Friend never get jealous

A real friend will be positive and never jealous of his or her friend's accomplishments. Appreciate your friends when they succeed and keep lifting them as always. Good friends do not feel envious when his best companion achieves and never harms his buddy in anyways. Instead, appreciate your friend's victory and celebrate it with him. Your friend will also understand that sometimes you cannot share every minute with them.

4. A good friend always sticks around

They stay with you during hard times. For many, our friends are far apart on the other side of the globe. For a true friend, distance does not matter. When your friend feels down, try to comfort her instead of letting her handle it alone. Try your best to offer as much support and care during their testing time. Great friends will never ignore their buddies. When you are a go-to person for support, to share happiness and their grief, eventually, you become a person closer to their heart.

5. A true friend never hold grudges

A true friend would never hold grudges. Be a true friend by understanding all that your friend has been through and ignore the few mistakes. Avoid asking for explanations. Try not to be sensitive and do not let emotions take over your friendship. Things will turn out to be less complicated when you let go of the grudges and ill feelings.

6. A Genuine friend will give the right input

Sometimes we all feel a little bit down, but a true friend will try to lift us to reach greater heights. Always give your friend an honest input to become a better person and see progress. Continue to see the better side of your friend, and do not forget to guide her in the right direction.

The same way a true friend never lies to you when you are wrong. They will tell you like it is. When you are not doing something right, they will tell you the truth. Genuine care and advice will help you change things the better way. A true friend is like a mirror who will appreciate your talents and reflect you as a friendly person, but they will also mirror your errors.

In conclusion, a true friend will have these traits and much more. A true friend is hard to find, but we can always keep searching. I guess we made it to the Friendly Moon. Time to return home. Until next time. Bye!

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Jul 08, 2020

I love that you’re challenging yourself with nonfiction writing.


Jul 05, 2020

I wonder how a young girl have such deep thoughts. Way to go Niranjana. Keep up the Good work 😊👍

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