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Insanity on the Train

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

“Click-Clack, Click-Clack,” I woke up to the sound of the train. I open my curtains to take a closer look. It appears that nobody is on the train, but it’s still running! Surprisingly, as if someone saw me the train stops with a thud. Footprints start to emerge in the snow! There’s nobody out there! Chills run down my spine; I make sure my window is locked and close my curtains. I hide under the bed and held my breath. Suddenly, a hand grabs me from behind. Soon, I’m floating out of my house and into the mysterious train!

The magical car starts moving. I’m in a panic. I obey as someone drags me into a dark railcar. Once I was inside the darkness, a light came flashing on my face. Someone started talking, “Sorry! for abducting you, but I didn’t want you to spill the beans.” “Who’s talking to me?” I asked with a scratchy voice. “Oh, sorry again I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Tod. I'm cursed to be invisible by a mean cold witch.” “I’m sorry to hear that, but can I leave now?” I asked eagerly. “Sure, but you should promise me to keep the secret.” “Ok, I promise that I won’t tell anybody that you are invisible.” “No, you can’t go home we travelled pretty far.” said a girl’s voice.

“Who’s that?” “It's me the train! I'm also cursed by the mean witch to turn into a train.” I pitied this cursed train and decide to help her out. “Since I am pretty far from home I might as well help you.” “Where does this witch live?” “In Antarctica, the coldest place in the world!” replied Tod. “What's the train's name?” “Sally,” said the train “Do you all have magical powers?” “I do that’s how I abducted you,” Tod spoke up. Immediately, a phone rang. “I’ll get this,” said Tod. After a few hours, we made it to Antarctica. At the same moment, Tod also finished cracking up about something on the phone.

When we reached Antarctica, I was freezing cold because I was in my PJs. Sally asked me to wear a coat that she stored in the caboose. We worked out a plan after getting dressed up for the harsh cold weather. Sally would stay here to help us escape. I would go inside and get two undo potions, while Tod distracts the guards.

Once we came to the witch’s evil fort, we noticed the guards were patrolling the front door. Tod walked rapidly and stood in front of the guards. I was surprised when the guards let him in! I followed right behind him. “How did you do that?” I whispered. “Hypnosis,” he chuckled. Something just didn’t feel right. Tod showed me which one is the undo potion. I quickly grabbed two of them. I was about to sneak out of the room when I heard the witch coming! I hide under the table. She spotted me. I made a run for it!

I heard Tod following right behind me. Something still didn’t feel right. The witch got on her broom and caught up to Tod. She took him in her malicious hands. Sally got off her tracks and raced towards the witch at full speed. Suddenly Tod grabbed Sally by the pilot and flew into the thin air with the witch. Tod turned visible. He snapped his fingers and gave a wicked laugh. I blinked and saw myself sitting on my bed. "Maybe it was all just a dream." I thought to myself. I glanced out of my window and saw footprints in the snow. I looked once again, both railroad and footprints were gone. Instead, I heard an evil laugh.

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2 commentaires

08 juil. 2020

Very exciting!


08 juil. 2020

Onomatopoeia is my favorite hook!

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