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My Lockdown in the Closet

"Click, Clack" went the door. I raced to the window to see my mom leaving for her morning jog. My mom waved to me and I waved back to her, but in my head, I was screaming “Noooooo, don’t leave!" My dad was still home, but he was in his online meeting and he likes us to be quiet. So, it was me and my brother to get along. I was opening an exciting and interesting book when my brother yelled into my ear “I want chocolate. I want chocolate, I want chocolate!” “Sorry, Mom told no more chocolate.” “Remember when you hoarded the chocolate box last time!” “Well I have a surprise for you,” my brother told suspiciously, “Just close your eyes!” He led me somewhere. When I opened my eyes, I was in my closet. I tugged on the door it wouldn’t budge!

“Get me out!” I yelled. “No, not until you find candy.” he snickered. “How am I going to find candy if I am locked in a closet?” “Figure it out yourself.” I didn’t talk to him after that because I knew it would not be very helpful to make any progress into unlocking myself. I began my search with a few problems, I couldn’t see a thing because my eyes were still adjusting to the dark. I knew my brother was looking at me failing and not doing anything to help me out. How on earth am I going to find candy in a closet! After a few minutes, I lost hope into ever breaking out of the closet. I was on my last search when I put my hand on something and there was red all over my hand. I held my hand in a panic, but there was a foul smell. It smelled like paint! After some time, I came to a resolution that it was just red paint. Luckily, I’ve found my brother’s little treasure behind the bottle of paint which squirted red paint all over my hand safely resting on a pillow. Just as I was about to leave and hand over the candy to my brother an amazing idea came over me which will teach my brother to never trick me again. My trick was to put the red paint on the chocolate and tell my brother something that he would believe. I didn’t make my mind up for what I would say to him. While I was making my way to the front of the closet, I peeked in a crack and right there was my brother’s eye staring right back at me. “So, you’re seeing me suffer and you don’t even feel bad?” I asked. “Yes,” he replied. Then I moved away to a corner I was sure that he could not see me. After I performed my act, I wrapped the chocolate up carefully and asked my brother to let me out. He asked me to show him the candy. I did. He let me out! When my brother opened the chocolate, he asked me “What is this red thing on my candy?” I replied, “Oh, that it’s just spider's blood that’s what they make all candy out of.” “What?” “What will happen to me?” “You’ll just turn into a spider.” “What?” “Yeah!” “Cool right?” Then he dropped the candy and ran out of the room screaming “I’m turning into a spider, I’m turning into a spider, I’m turning into a spider!” I watched him run out of the room and I thought to myself "Well, that was a good trick and he won’t mess with me again.” *This story is fictional and did not happen, it’s just for fun, I chose this as a writing prompt!

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Apr 20, 2020

Good Job!! This was so funny and you can really write a story!

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