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Television Quest

“Don’t sit close to the TV” I cried. “You are blocking my view” “No, I can do what I want!” my brother replied. “Move over!” “Don’t care!” Then, he tossed a pillow at me! “My legs hurt!” Then he went away. “Finally, freedom!” I thought to myself. Surprisingly, my brother pulled the chair and blocked my entire view. “Now, I can’t see at all!” Suddenly, a massive portal opened in front of the TV! Our Television Quest has begun!

My brother got sucked inside the portal! This sent chills into me. I went inside to save my brother! I guess I landed inside the TV! When I found my brother standing shellshocked, I asked him if he was okay. “I’m fine!” Suddenly a gnome appeared before us! I recognized him, but I don’t remember where I met him. "I am the Leader of all Televisions around the world." “Why are we here and how do we get home?” my brother questioned. “You are here to test if my machine works.” “What?” “You will get home after clearing the obstacles and clicking the red button.” “Why did you make the machine anyways?” “Because I was bored!” “Well, now go ahead start your uninviting journey!”

So, our journey began. When we started our walk, a big wheel appeared. A sign told to spin the wheel for your future. I let my brother spin the wheel. It landed on random. Suddenly, the room transformed into a cartoon world.

When we entered the mysterious land, a huge mouse came up to us. We thought we were saved. “No outsiders allowed!” the mouse yelled. Then it started chasing us! We ran as fast as we could but when it caught up to us, it just ran back to its house. We were standing right in front of a gloomy castle. The castle belonged to the witches and I am positive the mouse was right.

“Let’s go around it?” I asked. “I want to, but the sign says the red button is inside the witch’s castle ." Then he pointed me to a sign which read the same. When we went inside to our surprise all the witches were nice to us. Then I noticed something fishy! Each time we asked them if we can leave, they gave us more gifts and food. While that thought was in my head, I heard my brother yelling “Come save me, they want to eat me and keep you as a maid, soon after that eat you too!” I raced over to save my brother. They locked him up! I saw the key; it was left hanging on the keyhole. The witches are forgetful. I unlocked my brother as fast as lightning and joy fled over us. We ran out as quickly as we can.

“Who can we trust in this crazy place?” my brother stammered. “I don’t know, but I saw a red button inside the castle.” “Why didn’t you press it?” “I was scared that it was going to make some sound and alarm the witches.” “That’s okay I found another sign telling that there is another red button.”

To be continued...

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This was such a fun story. I hope you can write more, and I was wondering what was going to happen at the end. Can't wait for the next blog!



I love your hook. It started right in the middle of the action. I hope you'll keep writing for your fans all Summer!

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