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Twisted in a Tornado

“There will be a high chance of a tornado tonight.” The meteorologist warns. “Click” I switch off the TV. I thought this would never happen in my neighborhood. I walk to my bedroom and drifted off to sleep. When I heard “Bang, bang, bang!” It was thunder and then a tornado came ripping up my room. Suddenly, my hair got stuck in the roaring wind and I tried to pull it out, but it wouldn’t budge!

I got pulled inside the tornado! Glass pieces were floating all around me. Next to me, there was a pillow that I used to dodge the glass pieces. I was happy that I didn’t get any cuts, but that joyfulness went away in a second. I was filled up with fear when my thoughts raced where I would end up. Will it be the next neighborhood, in another country, or a new planet. I was dreading with fear about my destination. The tornado never seemed to end it just kept twirling and swirling. Next to me, I heard someone speaking, “Can you help me, I’m scared.” It was my brother! “It’s me your sister.” Where’s mom and dad?” “Oh, they are somewhere in this tornado!” “Come on let’s go find them.” “I’m scared to go because a monster may come and bite me.” “Don’t worry that won’t happen.” After a few minutes of search, we found our parents. Then I tried to look through the unfriendly winds to see if I could recognize the place. I was amazed by what I saw. My parents couldn’t believe their eyes either. My brother came over and cried, “We’re in space!” I could see the stars zooming past us. It was mesmerizing and beautiful. It was also scary to be this high. I can’t believe “We’re in the world’s first fly tornado!” Just then there was a thud, thankfully the tornado stopped. Unfortunately, we were on another planet, aliens were staring right into our eyes.

Suddenly, my brother muttered, “Please don’t eat us we will follow whatever you say!” The alien started speaking, “We don’t mean any harm to you, we will help you get back home, but make us a promise that you won’t tell anybody that you saw us?” We all nodded our heads in agreement. The alien took us to his ship and handed us some helmets. We put them on and zoomed back to Earth. We told the aliens that we live at 123 Storyville Road. As we landed behind some bushes and trees the aliens told: “Just keep the promise or else we will throw a comet that is bigger than Hailey’s comet to your Earth!” We were a little frightened when he said that, but we agreed with aliens. We saw that our home was being rebuilt and we were going to be alright if my brother does not spill the beans. To be continued……… *This story is fictional and did not happen, it’s just for fun, I chose this as a writing prompt!

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So glad to learn that this was fiction 😉.

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