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An Unkept Promise

I encourage you to read Twisted in a Tornado as you enjoy reading An Unkept Promise. “How was your day?” I ask my brother. “It was fine.” “What did you tell them about the weekend?” “I told them that I was in a tornado and met an alien” I was shocked! "What did you do?" “The alien told us not to spill the beans!” “What will happen now?” I exclaimed. Surprisingly, a UFO landed right in the middle of our backyard! I was astonished to see the same alien that we met earlier, walking towards me.

“Who broke the promise and told everyone that we existed?” the green alien asked. My brother immediately pointed to me! I pointed right back at him. “So, you both did it?” We both nodded no. “Then I will take both of you!” He grabbed us by our arms and pulled us to his UFO. We both begged him to let us go. “We won’t do it next time, we promise.” “How can I trust you” he replied. He seated us in the seats and then took off to space. He landed the spaceship on a nearby planet. Then he guided us to a small cave. It was full of comets and meteorites. "Let me find comet 72NT, but humans will call it the end of the world!", then he gave a wicked evil laugh. He rolled out the comet, I and my brother had nothing to say. It was humongous. It was at least ¾ the size of the earth. “How are aliens so strong?” my brother questioned. “That is because we eat rocks.” The green alien replied. “What is your name?” “My name is 112.” Suddenly, a blue alien came and grabbed my brother by the arm. I called the green alien for help. He came rushing over to see what happened. The blue alien let go of my brother. “How are you 221?” 112 snickered. “Fine.” “Well, rumors going around that you are going to throw comet 72NT at the Earth.” “Yes, I am.” No, you are not!” “I am going to throw 53TD first.” Then he showed us a small and weak comet, but he pressed a red button attached to the side. The comet started to grow and grow. After a while, I wondered if it will ever end. When it stopped it was almost bigger than the Earth.

Then he pitched the comet 53TD and we tried our best to stop it, but it was too big! It was headed directly towards Earth! Suddenly, an even bigger comet collided with 53TD and changed the direction it was headed. I turned over to see who it was. It was humans! One of the astronauts directed “Don’t throw comets at our Earth." The two aliens were flabbergasted. We chose to climb into one of the many rockets and headed towards Earth. The other day my brother and I were playing in the backyard, I saw my brother putting a rock inside his mouth. I pulled down his arm and explained to him that only aliens eat rocks to get stronger. But humans eat fruits and vegetables for health. “When we go back to space and meet the aliens, I’m going to ask them what else do they eat.” “Hopefully, that would never happen!”

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