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Frontline Heroes

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

As we sail our ships through these horrid times, sharks may be attacking us, the horizon may be hard to see ahead, but there are heroic few out there helping us sail our ships and save lives while risking theirs. Many have suffered from the pandemic coronavirus and are saved by these loving and noble people. My tribute for these gallant and selfless warriors.

Doctors and Nurses

A diagnosis for coronavirus positive needs medical attention. This is where our doctors and nurses shine and care. Although they risk catching the infection, they are truly amazing because medical practitioners could quit. But they don’t, they want to help those in need of care and service. Doctors and nurses are putting the nation in front of them and are helping our cities, states, countries and planet earth become better once again.

National Security and Police

Just like our brave medical caregivers our soldiers and police do a lot to protect our world. Our amazing police help us maintain social distancing and protect us from crimes.


A person who deals with germs all the time is a person who we should honor the most. During this pandemic, caretakers are in a great risk of becoming sick because as we all know the coronavirus has more chances of spreading by respiratory droplets. But these impeccable heroes still protect and provide us with a clean environment. Thanks for their kind service. We soon can live in a clean sanitized environment.

Postal, Delivery, and Utilities Staff

While we are at home protected against coronavirus there are our sincere delivery services who continue to deliver grocery at our doorsteps. Our daring delivery drivers make sure our essentials are delivered with care during these difficult times. Many credits should be given for the postal and utility staff who continue to do their job for our benefit and safety.

This phase of the year teaches me to pay gratitude to these vital people who help us pass through these tough times of our lives. We all can take part in helping the world too by staying at home, follow social distancing and practice self-hygiene.

To all the Doctors, Nurses, Soldiers, Police, Caretakers, Delivery staff and many who protect us.

Thank You!

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Apr 14, 2020

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to write these! I enjoy reading these!

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