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Why Technology Is Important in Our Life-Mobile-Medical Technology-Is Technology a Good Career Path?

Technology is everywhere, from the air we breathe to the land we walk. Ok-maybe that is overdoing it, but technology does partake in most of our activities. This post is about why technology is important in our life, be it mobile technology or medical technology, and is technology a good career path?

I am guessing you are checking out this article on a computer, tablet, or even your phone! Many clubs like TSA (Technology Student Association) are shaping the outlook for young individuals interested in technology and preparing students for careers focused on technology and related fields. You can read my experience at TSA during my middle school years. Technology has become a controversy in the last decade, wondering whether it is progress for humankind or the ultimate demolition. With each answer having evidence of its own, I am here to share my thoughts on technology.

Why Technology Is Important in Our Life - Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is widely spread over 91% of the population, roughly 7.33 billion people. Nevertheless, Why mobile technology is important in our life?

By calculating, we can also see more people have access to cell phones than working sanitary systems. By definition, mobile technology is “technology that goes where the user goes,” Cell phone technology helps people stay in touch, gather information and provide safety. Let us see the effects of cell phone technology on humanity.

What is the role of mobile technology in communication?

Let us take a look at a time before cell phone technology. This was when you had to send your carrier pigeon to your friend and expect the reply in the next 30-60 business days. Maybe that seems exaggerated, but the reality was not far off. So, what is the role of mobile technology in communication? Cell phone technology has been evolving and helped us grow as a community. Digital communication also has a variety of benefits. My post on digital communication gives an insight into its pros and cons. By texting, you can make plans in a second rather than multiple. Whenever you need guidance, instead of stopping by your local guru you can text a friend or seek comfort on the internet.

What is the role of mobile technology in information services?

You might have heard the term, “information at your fingertips” but what does that really mean? What is the role of mobile technology in information services? Here in this blog, you are using this advantage. When you need to make a reservation, look up “places near you” and come up with a few suggestions. The history of cell phones goes a long way, starting from brick phones to landlines and finally to smartphones. Smart is the perfect word to describe the phone nowadays. With information always around us and easy access, more people can acquire knowledge.

What is the role of mobile technology in our safety?

We always have an excitement to check the number of steps we walk each day. Usually, this gives us a sense of encouragement to keep the body healthy. Although we often overlook these features, the role of mobile technology in our safety and betterment of health is exceptional. For example, location-sharing service features with friends and family help ensures our safety. This feature gives a wrap of comfort and understanding when we go for a walk or drive, knowing we are safe.

On the other hand, people often complain that cell phones are getting in the way of more crucial issues. You may have noticed your parents or loved ones complaining about your nose always in a screen, which may have caused a debacle. Studies also show 84% of US working adults have been using their phones on the job. Although this is true, we must enforce strict guidelines on the usage of cell phones. We can not eradicate mobile technology and it persists as an undeniable tool. We will always rely on the benefits of mobile technology and look for new improvements in the days to come.

Why Technology Is Important in Our Life - Medical Technology

Medical technology is a secretive part of technology, always locked away by our esteemed medical professionals. Or so you might think. This technology has been part of us for generations and will continue to provide us with multiple and everlasting benefits. So, why medical technology is important in our life? With medical technology in grasp, we can have improved diagnosis & treatment, better medical device management, and enhanced patient education. Let us take a deep dive into the unknowns of medical technology and debacle the positives and negatives.

What is the role of medical technology in diagnosis and treatment?

Medical professionals are well-educated and treasured Frontline workers, and with the help of medical technology, they can bring their abilities to the next level. What is the role of medical technology in diagnosis and treatment? With medical technology, doctors and nurses can have information quicker and more accurately. Medical professionals can even diagnose patients and discuss the treatment online. Besides the one of the kind help we receive from medical professionals, they can also benefit from this advantage. Healthcare workers can make more informed decisions on diagnosis and treatment across the globe. Medical technology can also keep all of these devices in order.

What is the role of medical technology in device management?

For the few who have been through surgery, they got first-hand experience of watching all of the machines and gadgets monitor their health. For others, we must rely on TV for a closer look at these machines. What is the role of medical technology in device management? Medical technology has helped the management of all devices seem seamless and thorough. The sensors in the devices implanted in the body can monitor the patient's health. If there is an unusual reading, medical professionals will be notified, so that they can take appropriate action. Patients can travel with ease with these body implants. With medical technology, the devices can be regularly serviced and this assists medical professionals to their serve patients.

What is the role of medical technology in patient education?

Medical technology helps patients better grasp their position rather than relying solely on medical professionals. What is the role of medical technology in patient education? Medical technology can provide patients with information regarding their illness or condition. Using this data, patients can understand their condition and what they can do to improve. With a read on the situation, they can communicate with their providers and voice any concerns. Medical technology can build a stronger relationship between medical professionals and the patient. By having an educated patient, providers can administer the required treatment without a doubt. The patient can also understand what is happening and try to do their part.

On the contrary, others are skeptical of a cyber attack, releasing private information into the hand of the unwanted. Cybersecurity will always be a drawback in the technological world. Nevertheless, more companies are fighting against these hackers and criminals so we can sleep easy. With advancements in cybersecurity, breaches will be more of a rumor than a reality. Medical technology will always be a basis for medical professionals and the healthcare system for years to come as it serves the public exceptionally.

Is Technology a Good Career Path?

With the rise of the technological world comes the advancement and growth of careers. With the burst of new opportunities in the cybersecurity field, careers in technology have caught attention and become a trend. Is technology a good career path? Careers in tech offer their employees room for personal growth, and flexible work hours, and allow candidates to stray from the traditional college path. Let us unearth the stunning careers we can find in technology and their vast sea of benefits.

What are the advantages of careers in technology on personal life?

Technology will continue to evolve, which keeps employees on their toes for further developmental opportunities. What are the advantages of careers in technology on personal life? Employees who continuously improve their skills tend to maintain some relevance in their field than those in other professions. With a wide variety of developmental options and an ever-growing workspace, technology employees will never find a moment of bother in their careers. A thirst for growth will sharpen skills and help to move up the ladder over time. A range of skills will keep work motivating and away from boredom. Furthermore, flexible work hours will strengthen the employee's dedication to work, as they can allocate time to the company and their personal life.

What are the advantages of careers in technology and a flexible work schedule?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were familiar with online conferences held over virtual platforms and other facilities. What are the advantages of careers in technology and flexible work schedules? Meetings are from the comfort of our homes. Many jobs in the technology industry do not require employees to work in an office. Companies were also flexible with employees working from their homes or other remote global locations. On this subject, both the corporations and their employees are benefited. Many corporations have let their employees stay remote, saving on the financial costs, of rent and other materialistic expenses. Employees do not have to succumb to the typical 9 to 5 life. Working remote helps employees move towards a healthy personal and work-life balance. Careers in technology rarely follow a standard path, as some do not require candidates to follow the traditional college path.

How do careers in technology benefit over traditional college paths?

Most fields today require employees to have a college degree of some kind. How do careers in technology benefit over traditional college paths? On one hand, technology also takes time to master, but the training is much faster than the traditional college path. There is a new trend of hiring fresh high school graduates and giving them on-the-job training. Technology companies stray from a classic college path since universities can not teach with the changing demand. Technology continues to evolve and grow. This change has proven that it is strenuous to be taught. Training employees for frequent changes will make the companies more profitable, which in turn opens more jobs.

Careers in technology are quite the wonder, but many wonder about the high levels of stress the technological industry brings to its employees. You might know about strict deadlines and laborious assignments. However, stressful work is part of any trade. Whether you are planning to start a career in medicine or art, you will always face obstacles. There are no easy rewards that do not come without hard work. Remember to stay positive and work towards your goals. With hard work and determination, you will eventually achieve greatness.

Well, technology is a subject with many takes. Careers are formed, human lives are saved, and cell phone bills are paid. Technology has both negatives and positives. Exciting inventions and applications are coming our way in the new era. As technology advances, the key is to use technology for positive purposes. As we face new challenges, we can overcome them by working together and emerge stronger. Whether technology has positive or negative effects, we will continue to use it, and it is our responsibility to prevent any negative consequences. We must remain optimistic and prepare for future advancements & developments.

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Brandi Edwards
Brandi Edwards
29 jul 2023

Technology is such a double edged sword. It all depends on the person using it and the intent. Great article!

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