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Why Digital Communication is Important - Personal, Corporate, and Education

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

As digital communication plays a significant role in present-day scenarios, there is no hesitation as it is part of our personal lives, corporate world, and education. Digital communication is a mode of sending information electronically between sources, but why digital communication is important?

Why Digital Communication is Important in Personal lives?

Digital communication bridges the communication gap between family, for data storage and improves personal finances. Digital communication is an innovative way to guide the development of personal well-being. Let’s see how digital communication enhances our personal lives.

Digital Communication and Social life

During the present pandemic when social distancing is inevitable the bond between the family and friends was held tight by digital methods. Families can connect with relatives over long distances and in remote places. We can meet with our loved ones using virtual platforms like Zoom or Facetime. Through these pandemic times where travel restrictions have become mandatory, digital communication has come to save the day. Any occasion and celebration like Thanksgiving and Christmas have become possible with virtual family get-togethers.

Digital updates on events and opportunities are within reach. Social media apps notify on events and help users to socialize across the globe. The internet is used by more than two million people around the world daily. Better Career opportunities are explored digitally on social media platforms.

Digital Communication and Travel

Travel is easy and safe digitally. GPS and other navigation methods are equipped to meets today’s needs. Long car trips have become fun and exciting with maps. Platforms like Waze and Google Maps provide safe and faster routes to get to the destination. Traveling to international destinations where the language barrier is broken with the virtual maps. Self-help using map apps is feasible for international travel.

Digital Communication and Data Storage

Personal information like photos, music, and many others are stored digitally. Data can be stored on small mobile phones and online like cloud computing. Digitally data are stored in massive amounts where information is secure. There is no physical hold of data and all the data are stored online. This serves as a safe and secure approach for accessing information. Music, stories, and other digital content are widely stored and shared at ease.

Digital Communication and Finances

Finances can be managed over the internet using safe and simple banking apps. Banking has become efficient with quick and unaltered data between the customer and bank. Most requirements of the customers are met successfully by the financial institutions with priority. The concept of paper money has inspired many to adopt safe banking options. Credit and debit cards make shopping, paying bills has become easy as pie. Other online features like filing taxes, investments, and keeping track of payroll are an evolution of personal digital communication.

Digital communication supports the banking systems positively. Digital banking is accessed 24/7. Thanks to this new benefit of banking, wait time for the simplest of transactions is cut down. There is also an advantage of increased personalization when using digital communication for banking. Many use personal assistance apps to check account balances and manage transactions.

Many accuse personal digital communication as unsafe and a breach of privacy. Personal communication in the digital world is a blessing when proper privacy procedures are adopted.

Digital communication is an evolution for better lives. Personal communication has improved, online data storage and personal finances can be managed effortlessly.

Why Digital Communication is Important in the Corporate World?

Digital communication in a workplace helps employees communicate, for customer satisfaction and amplify the company’s revenue. In the present day, remote and working digitally has before the new normal. I believe digital communication is the way to go for the corporate world. Let’s see what surprising digital features are hidden for the corporate world.

Digital Communication and Workplace Conditions

Digital communication has made the workplace conducive and provides flexible work hours for employees. A quick chat between the colleagues and attending urgent corporate requests is made possible. A new update for the digital software can be tricky but it still benefits the work conditions.

Companies like Microsoft have already been using these benefits to draw their company more attention. New updates for software will resolve bugs. New bugs may appear but will soon be resolved in the next update. Enhancing more digital communication has shown many signs of comradery between employees and helps to boost productivity.

Since most companies already rely on digital applications, this opportunity gives access to data, sharpens the skills of tech-savvy employees. The emotional status and well-being of the employees are met digitally. This is made possible through the company intranet and social media.

Digital Communication and Customer Satisfaction

Digitally there is a seamless experience communication between the customers and stakeholders. Tools like AI, chatbots help customers reach out to the organization. Other digital tools help track how much helps to track metrics or in other words it provides measurable results. This helps the company know what are the customers' needs, so they can find solutions and tweaks.

Digital communication is cost-effective with white papers, blogs, and podcasts replacing the traditional methods like conferences and press releases. Many conferences and press releases only happen once, while white papers, blogs, and podcasts can be reshared by many to increase the company’s popularity. Digital methods in a way amplify the company's revenue.

Digital Communication and Workplace Diversity

Having a dispersed workplace gives us a chance to harness the intellectuality of many around the world to attain a common goal. It provides the much-needed innovation that many companies need today. Linking people from different time zones through digital communication has taken away the walls of the original offices.

There is now no more boundary based on the place you live or what time you work. Employee recruitment, retention, engagement, and revenue will be on the positive side of the corporate world. Many people blame digital communication as a trend and not beneficial. The reasons above list many ways companies benefit from going digital.

Digital communication improves productivity through engaging platforms and a diversified workplace community. Digital methods also boost the companies revenue and meet customer needs. Digital advancement indirectly benefits the company's strategy for success. Research proves that we needn’t worry about digital communication losing its magic. 50% of all workforces have moved towards digitalization as their main platform. With the pandemic, it is estimated there will be a rapid increase to double the present scenario.

Why Digital Communication is Important in Education?

Digital communication has revolutionized today’s method of education. Digital communication is a mode of sending information electronically between teachers and students. Digital communication improves self-learning ability in students. Teachers and students can communicate from remote locations. While parents and teachers can share the student’s progress.

Digital Communication and Student Customised Methods

Recent studies show improvement in student learning ability and grades. Thanks to the self-learning aspect of digital communication. Self-learning helps students to work at their own pace and prepares students for the job search digitally. Learning in this new way provides visual content for young students to grasp more knowledge.

Digital communication is customized to suit the special learning needs of students. This can help special kids to learn at their own pace and match their capabilities. On top of that, digital communication expands the definition of education. Studies show that after school students acquire 65-70% of their knowledge from websites teachers provide. We can gather new knowledge from the keyboard at our fingertips without moving a muscle. The boundaries of the classroom walls have been removed by digital communication.

Digital Communication and Education Resources

Digital communication has expanded access to learning resources. Now, the book resources are online and online degree programs replacing the traditional methods of education. The academic communities can collaborate worldwide. An example might be that we can collaborate with a scientist in Antarctica to learn about polar bears while sitting in the comfort of your classroom. When writing a research essay it will be extremely helpful to have true evidence from scientists, thanks to digital communication it’s made possible.

Digital Communication and Parent-Teacher Relationship

The trusty relationship between parents and teachers is important for a student's success. The communication between parents and teachers was identified to be studies and behavioral issues. This feedback focuses on student’s areas of improvement. The feedback may be for shorter or longer periods.

We can get immediate messages on the child’s performance. Digital communication also makes it easier to cross academic stumbles and improve behavioral issues at an early age. This helps the students strive with their learning. The parents also get to communicate and collaborate with the teacher whenever they are available.

Digital Communication and Student-Teacher Relationship

Digital communication helps teachers communicate with the whole class and not just one student. Teachers can simultaneously answer questions from many students thanks to the wonders of digital communication. Many accuse digital communication of promoting cheating in students. There are new apps such as Securly that prevent these acts. Teachers can monitor students browsing activity and their browsers when taking tests or working on assignments.

Many find digital communication as a new door to gain a good education. Digital communication in education is about self-learning in students. Communication between teachers, parents, students, and scientists has improved. Digital communication is a powerful tool that to transforms the definition of todays' method of education into a better future.

Thanks to digital communication we are now able to do to make dreams come true. How will digital communication boost our personal, corporate, and education soon? How will digital communication shape us for a better future?


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