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My Stint at Business Professionals of America(BPA) and Technology Student Association(TSA)

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Hi!! As many of you might have known, there have been ominous silence and rest in Dailystorylife. Where have I been for these last few months? What have I been up to? To answer those questions, I was busy going through airport security checks. Well, let me explain.

It all started on a Sunday morning when I opened my email and a new message popped up in my inbox. As I slowly disregarded the email, the words “Congrats!” caught my eyes. Scrolling through the email with hopeful eyes. Overflooded with emotions I couldn't believe that I had passed the test out of thousands in my state to represent my school at the national BPA conference. What is BPA? Business Professionals of America (BPA) is a nationwide competition for students to demonstrate their business educational skills and provide all students with the opportunity to challenge themselves. After reading that faithful email, a torch of excitement lit up inside me. Dallas! Here I come! A few weeks later, I found myself anxiously waiting for the plane to take off. Before I could come to my senses, we rocketed into the sky.

After two and a half hours of researching ways to connect to the plane inflight WIFI, we landed on new territory. A new adventure begins. After receiving the keycard to my hotel room, I felt a blanket of dread cover me. Tomorrow I would have to compete against many for a chance on stage. As anxiety washed over me, I pulled the covers and settled in for the night. After three days of collecting an abundance of keycards and competing, it was time to know the winner. Before I could blink twice, I was standing in front of the building that would decide my faith. I made my way inside the dark room and kept a leveled mind. Breathe In and Out. The countdown sent an unforgettable chill down my spine, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Let’s see who our 2021-2022 BPA National Conference Winners Are! This was it. This was the moment (hopefully) I would be able to remember in the future. As the competition winners were announced, I would feel dread crawl closer to me each time. Breathe In and Out. I needed to stay grounded. As I glanced over at the screen featuring all the names, I disregarded my name was up there as well. Only minutes later did I find out, that I was selected.

The anxiety I faced over the last few days washed over me and a new emotion took its place. Joy. With blurry eyes, I made my way backstage. I received a medal indicating that I was in the top ten finalists in the nation. Standing on stage with pride, the top three finalists were set to be announced. Breathe In and Out. I wasn’t third. Maybe I was second. Pindrop silence settled amongst thousands. 2nd place is awarded to…. me. I made it. I received 2nd out of all who competed. As I made my way back to my seat, my friend urged me to go back. I was confused as I had already received my award. Surprisingly, I also placed in another competition. I went through the process once again and came back with another medal hanging on my neck. This was a dream I never had. An unimaginable glory. After the ceremony was over we made our way to the shuttle. Although we were all happy with our achievements, heavy hearts still resided as we would be leaving tomorrow. The next morning before the sun rose we were to report to the airport for the journey home. Rolling my suitcase, we were on our way home.

Now was this all that I’ve been up to for the last few months? That's not all. Well, one more adventure still awaits.

This journey begins right after my return from Dallas. I was informed that a second trip to Dallas has to be made. I had just arrived from Dallas, why go again. Earlier that year, I also competed in another competition known as TSA and qualified. What is TSA? Other than checking your bags at the airport, TSA also stands for the Technology Student Association. To sum it up, TSA is a national organization where students compete and challenge each other in STEM. I better start packing my bags once again. This time when the plane took off, the anxiety almost doubled as new challenges await me. Hands full with a trifold poster, & a backpack, and a bright smile stapled on my face, pushed my way through the crowd. Finally, arriving at the resort, and learning from my mistakes, I vowed not to lose my room key.

After two days of lounging around, being trapped inside the resort, and another two days of competing, it was time to know the results. Bright lights blinded me as I entered the award ceremony. The loud voices murmuring in the distance. The people on stage waiting to announce our sentences. Everything was lively and ominous at the same time. Our event was the first to be announced. Sitting on the edge of our seats and anxiously waiting for our school name to be called, caused an undeniable tense atmosphere. No, that’s not our school. Maybe the next one. Not that one either. The wait is that ours... as silence blanketed. Did they finish? No, that can’t be it. Dread was emerging and I couldn’t believe that we didn’t make it. The world around me started to spin, as I was in denial. Suddenly, a voice broke the silence, and they went on to announce…. our school. Joy was filled to the brink as I hold finally took a sigh of relief. Before I knew it my team and I were named top ten finalists in the nation and again we started our cheerful journey back home.

Awards and National Placements received:

BPA ( Business Professionals of America):

States: 3rd In Computer Literacy

Nationals: 2nd In Business Fundamentals; Top Ten Finalists In Business Math Concepts

TSA (Technology Student Association):

States: 1st in Biotechnology; 3rd in Cybersecurity

Nationals: Top Ten National Finalists In Biotechnology; Top Ten National Finalists in STEM Animation

I would encourage all my young readers to give BPA(Business Professionals of America) and TSA(Technology Students Association) a try and excel.


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