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How Does Food Insecurity Impact Us? How Can We Help to End this Malady-Food Insecurity?

Imagine not sure about your next meal. An irresistible hunger grows in your belly. The taste of food has vanished from your mouth for a few weeks. The daily life of individuals facing food insecurity, a societal problem causing havoc across the globe. How Does Food Insecurity Impact Us? How Can We Help to End this Malady-Food insecurity?

According to USDA, 38.3 million people are suffering from food insecurity. Out of that 6.1 million children live in food-insecure surroundings. These statistics are limited to the US. Another research done by the Kofi Annan Foundation states that “With the world’s growing population every 1 in 7 people won’t have access to food. This means 1 billion people worldwide don’t eat nutritious food.” Food insecurity leads to a variety of health problems. According to Health Affairs, “Children living in food-insecure surroundings are more likely to develop diseases such as cancer, asthma, and other fatal diseases.” Unfortunately, the younger generation is affected more by food insecurity. The main reason being food-insecure households have children. For the food-insecure citizens, food is the fuel for their faith.

Now, imagine a world free of food insecurity. A world where every child is nutritional and healthy. A place where 1/7 of the population doesn’t have to worry about their next meal. A place where hunger has vanished. I visualize joyfulness, happiness, and playfulness. Everybody is in the symphony because we all care. The world will be peaceful and healthier. People won’t suffer the fate of starvation and other devastating health effects of food insecurity. A place we strive for and possible with a few simple steps.

Most households facing insecurity are unemployed or earn below the Federal Poverty Line. When the pandemic began, many people were unemployed as the virus made it hard for companies to pay their employees. One of the most common ways to stop food insecurity is by increasing employment rates. Also increasing in benefit amounts and focusing on the nutrition assistance program is a way to end food insecurity. These are simple steps that can restore faith in humanity.

The easiest way to help the food-insecure is to donate. It won’t take longer than a few minutes, but it is a plausible solution guaranteed to save lives. If you are interested in getting more involved, try convincing local farms, shops, and grocery stores to donate their food. You might also want to enroll in a shift at the food distribution program to give hope to the ones who need it the most. Though the most effective way to help is to spread awareness of the painful issue. Education about the problem increases the support from the community. These simple acts of kindness can show everyone that we care and are willing to take a step towards a harmonious existence of humankind.

These are some of the ways that an individual can implement to put an end to food insecurity. Remember that too many believe in “Food Is Freedom” with confidence and determination, it is possible to beat food insecurity together. Let’s help the food-insecure get that well-deserved freedom and set them free like a bird.

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