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Television Quest- Part 2

Updated: May 30, 2020

I encourage you to read Television Quest as you enjoy reading Television Quest- Part Two.

“Wait, but it also says beware of a troll!” I exclaimed. “Don’t worry we will be fine.” replied my brother. As we made our journey to where the red button was intended to be, we saw a big troll. “Looks, like we have visitors.” the troll said evilly. “Can we cross this bridge?” “No not until you answer my riddle.” “What will happen if we give a wrong answer ?” “That’s easy, then I will eat you!” We were frightened! “Okay, tell us the riddle.” “Captain Troll had a ship. What was the name of the ship?” “That's easy WHAT is the name of the ship” my brother replied.

“You may pass!” I looked at my brother in amazement. After I was sure the troll could not hear us, I asked my brother how he cracked the riddle “I peeked into troll's answer key.” Before, I could comment on my brother sneaky technique we saw a girl with long locks of hair climbing down a tall building which seemed to have no doors, but just one window!

I and my brother walked over to her. “What is your name?” we asked. “Longilocks,” she replied. “Are you a local here?” “Kind of, I don’t go out much because I was trapped in that building, but I do see a lot from the window” “Cool, can you help us find a red button?” “Sure, just go into the forest and walk straight you will reach the red button.”

My brother and I gazed at the forest, it was dark and creepy. “Are you sure that there is no other way to get to the red button Longilocks?” “Nope!” As we started our journey 3 pigs came running out. “Don’t take the shortcut you may run into the wolf!” they hollered and ran away. We had no idea what they were talking about. We started our trek and ran into a sign with the map. “If we went right we can take the shortcut to the red button, but we may run into the wolf. The long path takes more time to reach the red button, and we will be safe from being the wolf’s dinner ” I explained.

“Let’s take the shortcut because we will reach there faster.” My brother pleaded. “No, let’s take the long route because I don’t want to be in a wolf’s stomach.” “Ok then you take the boring long route and I will take the fun and exciting shortcut.” “Ok!” Then we both headed our ways.

After a million minutes I made it out of the forest in one piece. I saw a red button. I was about to reach for it when I realized "Where's my brother?" He didn’t make it out of the forest! I made up my mind to go into the unforgiving path. I sneaked my way through the forest. I started to hear voices. My eyes were stuck in horror and cuteness.

To be continued.......

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Jun 01, 2020

I’m so eager for the next episode Niranjana 😊 Very Nice👍


May 31, 2020

Horror AND cuteness? I can’t wait to hear this!

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