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The Science Behind The Bermuda Triangle

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

This iconic area located on the southeast coast of the United States has fearsome reputations for swallowing up aviators and sailors. The Bermuda Triangle is as mysterious as the disappearances that take place. People have suspected the answer to the disappearances as supernatural occurrences, alien abductions, and dangerous marine animals. Can the Bermuda Triangle be explained by science?

What is Science Behind The Bermuda Triangle? Or is it haunted?

Many scientific theories are supporting the mysterious disappearances in the Triangle. Many have also argued the ocean as a whole is a dangerous space, and nothing is threatening about the abnormal activity in the Bermuda. We will explore some of the scientific explanations for the freakish movements that happen in the ominous Triangle.

What is the Location of the Menacing Triangle?

Before we dive deep into these mysterious waters, let's understand the location of this frightening Triangle. This piece of mystery stretches between San Juan, Miami, Puerto Rico, Florida, and the island of Bermuda. This area experiences loads of traffic between the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

How Did The Bermuda Triangle Get Its Reputation?

Nearly, 76 years ago 5 navy planes bravely entered the prophetic area. These innocent planes were traveling to Florida. As you might have guessed the planes blinked blankly from the radar and were never seen again. The crew’s faith is still unknown to this day. These unusual activities can be recorded back to the days of Christopher Columbus. As said in his journal he experienced unorthodox compass bearings. The Bermuda Triangle finally got its name after the disappearance of the navy planes. The magazine Argosy was the first one to coin this vicious name in the article published about this unusual behavior in the area.

What are the Scientific Explanations For The Unusual Activity in Bermuda Triangle?

This is the part that we have all been waiting for. What are the scientific explanations for the mysterious happenings in the Bermuda? We will now find out what some of the theories experts propose for the venomous Triangle. Are you ready for an underwater dive in the dangerous seas? Come on! The ride’s starting!

1. Magnetism

A commonly used theory is the Earth’s magnetism is located on the Bermuda Triangle. You might question this theory because the magnetism of the Earth lies on the North Pole. Right? Well, you may be right when you look at it in one aspect, but ideally, the Earth’s magnetic North Pole isn’t the same as the Earth’s geographical North Pole. In other words, compasses don’t accurately point North. The compasses are actually accurate only on the agonic lines which line up the magnetic and geographical norths. This might explain the weird compass bearings Columbus was noticing around the area. Ideally, those compass bearings might not be weird, but accurate. The magnetic north pole may be located in the Bermuda Triangle.

2. Massive Bubbles

Many scientists have suggested the weird activity around the area maybe because of massive bubbles. It may sound absurd, but the massive bubbles are likely caused by methane deposits. Evidence suggests that the area in the Bermuda is known to contain huge pockets of gas that could be released at any time. The pockets of air turn the sea into a fizzy broth and swallow sailors as a whole. These massive bubbles have happened before next to Norway to create the huge seafloor craters. Though evidence contradicts this theory because no methane activity has been found in the area for the last 15,000 years.

3. Vicious Waves

Another theory suggests that the answer might simply be high, rogue waves. The simple answer has enough background information to get you wondering why we even doubted the Bermuda. Waves might form unexpectedly around Bermuda, washes away ships and mariners. Researchers have simulated scenarios in which waves of 100 feet, to test if the waves might be the answer to this mystery in history. Though, there has been no definite evidence of waves interfering with any naval transportation.

4. Heavy Traffic

Another research suggests it might be the crowded area that is to blame. Any land or water with heavy traffic is bound to see a few more accidents in comparison to less populated areas. The Bermuda often experiences hurricanes which can account for the many sinking ships.

Is It Really Haunted?

Most countries don’t recognize the Bermuda as a location on the map. The Bermuda Triangle may have an oversized significance and is like any other place on the map. Moreover, there is no research stating the region sees higher rates of marine and aviation disasters than other places. It might simply be our imagination.

Is It Just Our Imagination?

Many have proposed there is no abnormal activity happening in the Bermuda. The activity happens in our brains. We often start to recognize things that seem bizarre to us rather than simple situations. We might remember a plane that disappears with no explanation rather than an aviator stuck in a tornado. After noticing something strange, we tend to pay more attention than usual. This phenomenon is known as the Baader-Meinhof effect. This phenomenon also makes us observe things a bit more than normal. When introduced to something new, the situation seems to happen more often, but ideally, it got more noticed. Take for example when we learn a new word. We begin to perceive, the word is being used more frequently.

Whatever you chose to believe that there is always a scientific explanation for everything. There is no evidence stating that the Bermuda has more naval and airplane accidents than anywhere else in the world. Don’t be afraid to take that dream vacation to Bermuda. There’s always another mystery waiting to be solved.

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