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What is Slime Science? Magic Recipe for a Perfect Slime

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I have a question for you! Do you know any gooey material, ASMR, and fun? You got it! Slime! We all like to watch the relaxing slime videos, but have you ever wondered what is the slime science and its chemistry? Most of us know the slime recipe and, I have also included a magic 3 ingredient recipe for you to try. How does the glue in the slime not stick to your hands? All the science behind this gooey thing is fabulous.

What is Slime science and its Chemistry?

Slime Science is all about the chemical reactions between the glue (P.V.A), baking soda (increases the pH), and contact eye solution (boric acid)-activator.

First, let’s start with glue. The glue is made of many polymers called P.V.A. (polyvinyl acetate). Many polymers form the P.V.A. The glue also contains some amount of water. The polymers or long strands of P.V.A float freely in the water. As water evaporates or removed the long strands of P.V.A come together and harden to form the slime.

The second, to look for is the baking soda which increases the pH of the glue. The number of oxygen molecules also increases to form polyvinyl alcohol and acetic acid.

The third ingredient is the contact eye solution. The contact eye solution contains boric acid. Borax salt and boric acid react synonymously with glue. The boric acid forms a chemical bond with the oxygen molecules in the glue. This prevents polymers in glue from moving freely and hardens the glue. The glue is not sticky anymore. In other words, the contact eye solution is the activator to make the slime.

Why should we add baking soda? The baking soda increased the oxygen molecules to enhance the cross-linking between polymers in the glue. Baking soda helps slime making quick and easy. Some slime recipes may replace borax powder as an activator, but I found contact eye solutions make great slimes. The chemical reaction is similar for both the activators.

How to make Slime? Magic 3 ingredient recipe

There are many slime recipes, but I found this simple and easy to make the most awesome slime.

Ingredients to make slime

1. Glue 6 Fl Oz or 177ml (any glue clear/white/glitter)

2. Baking soda ½ tablespoon

3. Contact eye solution 1 ¼ tablespoon

4. Plastic cup

5. Plastic spoon

6. Measuring spoon

Procedure to make slime

Step 1

Add the 6 fl oz glue, add the ½ tablespoon baking soda, then 1¼ tablespoon contact eye solution.

Step 2

Mix all the 3 ingredients for a few minutes. Soon you will see all the ingredients comes together to a blob of gooey slime.

Step 3

Take the slime out and knead with your hand. (if your skin is sensitive to slime, please wear gloves)

Step 4

Bravo! Our slime is ready.

note: For less sticky slime add more contact eye solution.

What does slime mean?

According to Merriam-webster, the word slime means ‘a vicious, glutinous, or gelatinous substance’. Slime is also said to be ASMR (a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation). These words on slime are apt ‘keep calm and slime on’.

Who found Slime?

In the winter of 1976, Mattel Toy company first introduced the readymade slime in small plastic containers. First, known slime was made with guar gum and sodium tetraborate. Since then, slime science has seen an advancement in synthetic polymer technology. Most slimes we find in recent times are the synthetic slimes.

Aww! We finished are so soon. Slime may be bizarre and mysterious and is still fun. Slime Science is also as intriguing as slime. Slime Science is a perfect school science project and homeschool tool to explain chemistry in a practical method. I hope to see you soon! See you next time!

Not the end! Did I trick you? To be exact, this was my first time making slime. Well, not my first time! The slime I made is coming after six months of fails! I’ve tried everything, trust me! When I watch those relaxing slime videos on the internet, I would always wonder what they did that I didn’t make my slime go right. I was shell-shocked that I planned to try it again. I guess I was bored in the pandemic. I thought that it would just be another failure, but lets at least try. I guess this time something went right and then Voila! There is my beautiful glittery slime. As you know my head is full of questions, and I thought it would be right to honor this slime moment with a blog post. If there are any of you like me trying hard to make slime. Don’t get discouraged, one day it will turn out great. Now I guess this is the end. Keep on sliming, sorry I mean smiling. See you next time for a new adventure! Bye!

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