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Happiness Around the Clock- 5 Tips to be Happy

Do you want to stay happy and positive all the time? Yes! Of course, everybody wants to. Nobody wants to stay miserable. Here, these 5 tips to be happy will aid you around the clock. This post is all about happiness and positive vibes. Buckle up and get ready to board the smile train to Happy Town.

1. Positive Ideas and Muse help us Stay Happy.

I know sometimes thinking positive can be hard to practice but, once you get the hang of positivity, you will find a difference. All you have to do is to find the silver lining. In some situations, this may seem impossible, but you can change by rethinking problems. Being positive gives you happiness, less anxiety, and hope. Your emotions get uplifted and also help increase the feeling of trust. So, let go of those gloomy emotions and see hard situations as exciting new challenges.

2. Turn the Spotlight on what you can Control

Sometimes we worry about things that are beyond our control. Worries lead to stress. When we do this, we drain all our energy into negative thoughts and have no positive energy left for constructive jobs. Next time when you feel left down or blue, ask yourself can I control how this ends! If no, then focus your actions and thoughts on the things that you can control or change.

3. Accept Yourself for Happiness

When you accept yourself for happiness, you are accepting I am this and this is what I am. When you compare yourself with others, you will continue to notice your weaknesses. When you accept yourself, your positivity towards life increases. Your time will not be exhausted on an unhappy muse floating in your head. We all have faults and failures. Understanding this fact will make you happy and help you let go of those dull emotions.

4. Kindness and Happiness are Best Friends

When you thank your mailman or donating to charity, it gives you absolute satisfaction and happiness to you and others. When doing a caring act, you are spreading kindness. You will also be relieved of that negativity by seeing yourself making someone's day even better. Once kindness is in you, you will start to feel that happiness warms up your mind. You will begin to interact and socialize with people around you.

5. Health and Happiness the HH factor

Usually, we forget to notice how big a role our health plays in our happiness and mood. When we get sick, our happiness quotient is affected. Scientific studies have shown if we stay healthy, our emotions turn out to be happy. Just think, who will want to miss out on a fun birthday party just because of a runny nose. Try to stay as healthy as possible so you can be a happy person. Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and more exercise can help you stay healthy and in a better mood.

There were 5 ways to reach Happy Town, but there is also one more surprise 6th way.

6. Forgiveness

Holding onto all that anger only make more unhappy thoughts sprout. A fit of anger does not let your happiness set free it keeps it caged. Studies have shown bad temper will harm an angry person more than the person who he is angry at. When you let go of the anger and learn to forgive, you are lifting those grudges. We all tend to get angry, but forgiveness as a remedy makes everybody happy that includes you.

Those were some ideas of how you could turn positive and be happy all the time. I hope these ideas will turn all your days all into happy ones. Share in the comments what makes you happy. Oh, and do not forget to smile.😊

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