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Interesting Facts on How Music Benefits your Brain - Music and You

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

We have music everywhere! Music is part of your soul and body. We dance, sing, or listen to music from dawn to dusk. Music entertains while we jog, cook, drive, and many more. Music fills our ears as joy. It’s time to find out how music benefits your brain? Oh, and don’t forget to find out the musical personality, you are? Hurry up! Of we go to Musical Island.

Interesting Facts on How Music Benefits your Brain

1. Music enhances your focus

Music helps to maintain our focus. How? It provides us with better concentration and helps to increase our productivity. When we listen to music, it improves our skill to stay focussed by creating a platform for less distraction. Each music impacts the focus level of individuals. Slow instrumental music is best for the workplace or study. Loud music will be a good option for workouts and at gyms.

2. Music to Boost Creativity

Researchers have found that listening to music or when playing an instrument helps us to grow our creativity. Music exposes the creative side of us. The science behind music and creativity is music helps our minds to soothe down. The calm brain opens the door for creativity.

3. Music to Reduce Stress

Music is a great tool many could use to eliminate stress from our lives. Music takes away all our anxiety. It helps us relax. Music clears and diverts the mind from any negative thoughts, which will conclusively help reduce stress. We all have different genres of music that help us relax. Some will like jazz others may like classical. It will be your choice of music that will bring in positivity.

4. Music to Enhance your Mood

Most know that music can change your mood from bored to upbeat. Science has concluded this illusion happens when the brain releases a feel-good chemical called dopamine. Of course, good music will make our brain release dopamine when it feels upbeat, relaxed, and happy. It won’t matter what you listen to because if you enjoy the music, this happy hormone is all set to make your day.

5. Music predicts your personality

Scientists have tested and found proof music can predict your personality. Based on your favorite music genre, we can predict your personality? Your music genre may change over time, which means that your nature also has changed. Now let’s find out your personality.

  • Classical Fans: have high self-esteem, are creative, and at ease

  • Opera Fans: have high self-esteem, has the creativity and gentle

  • Jazz Fans: have high self-esteem, are creative, outgoing and at ease

  • Blues Fans: have high self-esteem, are creative, extrovert, kind and at ease

  • Rap Fans: have high self-esteem and are outgoing

  • Dance Fans: are creative and outgoing

  • Country Fans: are hardworking and outgoing

  • Reggae Fans: have high self-esteem, is creative, open, gentle and at ease

  • Rock Fans: artist, kind, and at ease

  • Indie Fans: are creative

  • Bollywood Fans: are creative and outgoing

  • Chart pop Fans: have high self-esteem, are hardworking, open, and gentle

  • Soul Fans: have high self-esteem, has creativity, open, caring, and at ease

Source Credits: Belle Beth Cooper

Did you find out your musical personality?

6. Music for Health

Music can help with pain and boosts our immune system! Listening to music can comfort pain by assisting areas of the mind that deals and process the pain which the body is going through. Listen to soothing music to comfort your aches, and will make you feel better. So, next time your legs hurt, instead sit down and listen to some classical. Scientific research has found out that music helps to create more antibodies to improve immunity. Wow!

Music is a tool that has benefits on your brain and body. What is your favorite music to listen to or an instrument to play? Keep enjoying your stay at Musical Island! Bye for now! Oh, wait before you leave, I have one fun fact I want to share. Usually, when we do a task, one side of the brain is activated. When we play an instrument both the left and right sides of our brain are activated. For example, while playing the violin, the performer moves both hands. The right hand is for bowing and left hand for pitch production on the fingerboard. This activity makes both sides of the brain to function. Playing an instrument is an excellent workout for the body too. Another one! Music has influenced me to fall in love with the violin. When I played my violin I found joy and also as a great stress buster. I hope you will find music as a companion to benefit your mind and body. I guess its time for goodbye. See you next time!

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