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Television Quest- Part 3

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

I encourage you to read Television Quest and Television Quest Part-2 as you enjoy reading Television Quest- Part 3.

“What are you doing up there in the tree?” I asked. “ The wolf pups tied us up!” Longilocks and my brother stammered. “How did this happen, they are cute and innocent” “That's what we taught and petted them" my brother panicked. “Longilocks, how did you end up here?” “The same that happened to your brother happened to me.” “Ok, let me try and get you down.” “Oh no! the pups are coming.” “Run!” Longilocks shouted. Unfortunately, it was too late. They spotted me!

“Hey, it’s an impostor.” They pronounced in their tiny wolf voices. “I don’t want anything from you!” I stated and backed a few steps away from them. “Well, we want dinner!” “Wow, my brother was right you are mean.” “Now we are going to hunt you down and make my dad proud.” Soon I found myself hanging in the tree. The pups started arguing over the recipe to cook us. I saw this was the time for us to escape. I whispered to Longilocks, “You see that branch near you. Pass it to me so I can cut myself free. Then I will help you two escape.” We escaped in no time and the cubs didn’t even notice. I led them to the spot where I last saw the red button.

Surprisingly, the red button disappeared! “Look I found a sign showing where a red button is placed.” my brother pointed. “Sorry, I got to go and deliver levitating pizza to my grandma,” Longilocks said. We waved goodbye and started our journey destined to get home.

After a trillion hours we finally made it to a beanstalk. Suddenly, a spin the wheel appeared. This time I spun the wheel. It landed on take me to the top. Immediately, a little capsule lifted us to the top of the beanstalk. "We were in the clouds!"

A giant castle caught our eyes! “I’m hungry! Maybe we can get something to eat.” My brother said gesturing towards the giant castle. “Ok, careful because we nearly escaped being in a wolf cub’s stomach.” “Fine, then let’s keep a low profile.” “Wow, these clouds are bouncy!” I commented “That gives me an idea. Maybe we can bounce on the clouds to peek inside the castle.” “That’s a good idea let’s try it.” I jumped, I could see in little bits. At first, I saw a giant. He was feasting on the gingerbread man. How did he catch him? On my last jump up I saw 3 red buttons and 1 green button.

“Let’s go inside, but don’t press the green button or else we will end up in a wacky surprise!” I said. Soon, we were walking inside the enormous citadel. We could hear the giant roar. “I smell humans beans!” The giant’s wife spotted us and said, “It’s probably because you need some sleep.”, and she ushered him off to bed. We climbed on the dining table and made out a plan. “Let’s try them all okay?” “Sure.” First, we tried a red one and a bag of gold fell into our arms. We pressed the next red button, a tiny dinosaur appeared and laid emerald and diamond eggs. We put them both away. We tried the last red button and a piano came into our view. The magical piano shouted, “Human beans are taking me, human beans are stealing!” The giant ran into the kitchen and found us on his dining table. “Oh no, let’s press the green button it is our last chance!” I shrieked. We pounced on the green button. To our astonishment, we were back on our couch. The gnome popped up on our TV and reasoned out he was color blind. “Thank goodness, it's over!”

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Jun 09, 2020

Wow Nice Niranjana 😊

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